Comprehensive audiology and hearing health care

About Us

Saskatoon Hearing & Audiology Clinic is a new, locally owned and independently operated audiology and hearing health care practice.  We provide comprehensive audiological and hearing aid services for adults and children (4-17). At Saskatoon Hearing & Audiology Clinic, hearing health care services are delivered in an accessible, comfortable and professional clinic with state-of-the-art audiology equipment, by a highly competent and empathetic audiologist who is passionate about improving the communication abilities of others with hearing disorders.

Tara Collins, clinical audiologist and owner, was diagnosed with hereditary hearing loss at a young age. She was introduced to the field of audiology after a life-changing experience obtaining her first hearing aids in university. Her improved hearing had such positive effects at school, and later at work, Tara was motivated to learn more about the field.  Just before her daughter’s first birthday, Tara returned to school to obtain her Master of Science degree in Audiology at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

After graduating, Tara worked at Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres in Halifax, providing diagnostic audiology services to patients of all ages. When a position for an audiologist became available at the Saskatoon Hearing Aid Plan, she returned to Saskatoon in 2009 with her husband and daughter to be close to family.  Tara is grateful for her eight years at the Saskatoon Hearing Aid Plan, while providing audiology and hearing aid services to all ages, she expanded her diagnostic experience and developed a passionate interest in hearing aid technology.

At Saskatoon Hearing & Audiology Clinic, Tara's clients benefit from her compassion and empathy as someone who has lived with hearing loss most of her life. As an experienced user of current hearing device technology and wireless accessories she is highly familiar with many of the benefits and limitations that others may encounter. Tara understands the positive impact that well-fit hearing technology can have, and she works with her clients to choose, adjust to and successfully use their hearing devices. Tara's previous science and research background has been an advantage to her as an audiologist, and she depends on evidence-based methods and the latest technology to ensure her clients are receiving appropriate hearing solutions to improve communication and reduce listening effort.

Saskatoon Hearing & Audiology Clinic provides a variety of assistive listening and home alerting devices and hearing instrument accessories and supplies. For those at risk of noise-induced hearing loss, specialised custom hearing protection, musician’s monitors and electronic hunter's attenuators are available. We clean and repair hearing instruments and provide adjustment, reprogramming and real-ear verification services.