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Welcome to Saskatoon Hearing & Audiology Clinic

Saskatoon Hearing & Audiology Clinic is a new, locally owned and independently operated audiology and hearing health care practice that provides comprehensive audiological and hearing aid services for adults and children (ages 4-17).

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Tara Collins, clinical audiologist and owner, was diagnosed with hereditary hearing loss at a young age and after her own life-changing experience obtaining hearing aids as an adult, she entered the field of audiology. Along with a Master of Science in Audiology, Tara has an intimate understanding of how hearing loss negatively affects educational and vocational goals, and strains connections with family and friends. During her 8 years as a clinical audiologist at the Saskatoon Hearing Aid Plan, she gained extensive experience providing audiology and hearing aid services to Saskatchewan residents of all ages. 

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Tara Collins
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    Comprehensive audiological evaluations of adults and children

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    Hearing device consultation, fitting, programming and maintenance

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    Communication strategy AND self-advocacy counselling

Hearing Healthcare Services

At Saskatoon Hearing & Audiology Clinic, hearing health care services are delivered in an accessible, comfortable and professional clinic with state-of-the-art audiology equipment. We provide comprehensive audiological evaluations and hearing aid consultations to help our clients select hearing products that address their individual needs. We use science-based hearing aid programming with real-ear verification to ensure hearing aids are providing the right amplification where it is needed. We help our clients adjust to and successfully use their hearing aids through training and counseling on consistent use and regular care of hearing aids. We recognise the importance of involving family and caregivers when working with clients to improve their communication skills.  

Our Services

Hearing Solutions

Current hearing instrument technology can improve communication, and reduce listening effort and fatigue, and provide more support in challenging situations. We dispense a variety of hearing instrument models, power levels and styles to address individual needs.  We encourage the use of wireless hearing accessories that can help make listening easier and activities more enjoyable. For those at risk of noise-induced hearing loss, we offer customised hearing protection, musician’s in-ear monitors and electronic hunter’s attenuators.

Hearing Aids